About Us

Mission Statement

Next Step Counseling Services strives to meet individuals and their family’s needs one step at a time.


Our practice is based on the premise that individuals and families deserve comprehensive, strength based, individualized services that support their growth and needs at home, school and/or in the community one step at a time.

We are dedicated to the support and professional growth of our staff knowing that flexibility and team work will ensure clients receive the services they need to progress to the next step.

We have high expectations, standards and a strong commitment to ethics.

Our unique approach meets clients and families needs in whatever challenges they may be currently facing and moves them on to the next step.

We plan carefully and realistically with each client and/or their families to assure their needs are met.

We constantly monitor ourselves to assure we are providing the best possible services not only to the individuals we serve but also to the community while being supportive of our staff.

We adhere to the ethical standards set forth in the NASW’s Code of Ethics.